Wild Yeast Curing

Our special Pristinum Ferum Fermentum curing room. A small room inside our “tower”.

Temperature controlled {63 F} and humidity controlled {75% to 79% relative humidity}

1. Special Berkshire pork salumi is prepared for us using our “OEC brews” as part of the salumi recipe

2. They mature at the “Salumi man” until they reach maturity stage approved for sale by US FDA

3. The final curing stage takes place in our curing cellar, in special “OEC Experimentalis barrels”. The curing environment is not our large barrel room but the individual OEC experimentalis barrel.

4. Each salumi is wrapped in herbs + spices from our greenhouse {such as thyme, rosemary + sage}. Held in place by OEC hop bags

5. Each OEC experimentalis barrel is fitted with “bung holes” to regulate temperature and humidity levels inside each barrel

6. During the final curing stage the salumi and the wooden barrel surface areas are moistened with “OEC brews” from time to time to increase flavor and aroma penetration

Once final curing is complete, our wild yeast cured salumi to be served at our wild yeast sourdough bakery Pristinum Ferum Fermentum