Wild Yeast Bakery

Inspired by our sister company “Ordinem Ecentrici Coctores” {“OEC”} and the historic intimate connection between brewing wild “natural” beer and baking wild “natural” bread our new “Pristinum Ferum Fermentum” offers eccentric sourdough bread that is all based upon our own “wild yeast and bacteria cultures”.

Our wild yeast/bacteria microflora sourdough starter: We of course follow the classic historic French “sourdough” concept called “travails sur 3 levains”. {sometimes you have got to give the French credit!}.

It is developed over several fermentation/refreshment periods the various steps of which are called “levain chef”, “levain de premiere”, levain de seconde”, “levain tout point” until the sourdough starter reaches a wonderful soft tartness [= lactic acid + a touch of acedic acid].

We collect the “microbial communities” from “OEC wooden barrels”, from the skins of our orchard fruits as well as from our citrus greenhouse.

Our grains: We only use heirloom whole grains and very often sprouted whole grains. The reason is quite simple: All the fibers, minerals, and vitamins that should be part of everyone’s daily diet are located in the husk [bran] and germ [embryo] of each grain. And sprouting makes all parts of the grain digestible to us.

Our idea: To bake historic artisanal bread of the highest flavor and aroma complexity as well as of the highest nutritional value.
[Standard “white flour” only uses the “starch part” of each grain {called endosperm}. Starch is complex long-chain carbohydrate molecules]

Highest flavor and aroma complexity: Our sourdough bread is prepared with “OEC wort” {no water!}. For the final dough, we always use special “OEC brews” or brews from our B.United International Inc import portfolio. The heirloom grains are freshly ground through our ceramic-corundum millstones [to minimize the heat that can destroy flavor-and aroma compounds]. We only use rare grains such as einkorn, spelt, emmer, red fife winter wheat, or red turkey winter wheat. And of course spices, herbs & fruits from our orchard and greenhouses.

Microbial communities Similar to “OEC” no bread will ever taste the same even if we use the same recipe. As we only use our own “100% pure, wild yeast + bacteria cultures” our wild microbial community will change daily: Whenever we refresh our sourdough starters with new wild yeast + bacteria, whenever we add freshly ground flour to our starter dough with their own unique wild yeast/bacteria composition the microbial composition changes. Consistency is not important to us. The highest flavor/aroma complexity is!