Wild Yeast Coffee Beans

Rare, unusual coffee beans

All naturally processed

Refermented & aged with complex brews from OEC or B. United International Inc.

Refermented & aged with fruits and spices from our own greenhouses and orchard

Between 60 days and 180 days

8.8oz bags

Whole Beans, vacuum sealed

Price range: US$ 29.00 per bag + shipping



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Wild Yeast Bitters & Tinctures

Our New World of: “Bitters & Tinctures”

The desire of many of our customers for extraordinary flavors and aromas took us way back in history. To the ancient world of Egypt thousands of years ago. The world of “complex bitters and tinctures”. Traditionally used as flavorful add-ons in cocktails {be they alcoholic, be they non-alcoholic} or simply added to sparkling water. Scratch that boundary and think in a completely different way: Drizzled over ice cream, a few drops over a perfectly prepared medium-rare steak, or used to marinate sous vide style. Endless ideas many of which can actually be traced back to the Renaissance {15th + 16th century}.

We only use unique spirits such as distilled Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier aged on its own smoke malt, Kiuchi Brewery’s No Shizuku, Domaine Dupont’s Esprit de Pomme, Uerige Eau-de-Vie

  • We only use fruits and herbs from our own orchard + greenhouses
  • We only allow gravity to fill our small bottles of bitter + tincture. No pressing of fruits or herbs. To reach the pinnacle of flavor and aroma intensity

Vinegar Projects

July 2017 – March 2023 BATCH


Our “Fructus Ferus Vinegar Project” July 2017 ……July 2029”

Inspired by the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena/Italy we started our project
In July 2017.

1. Using Domaine Dupont’s apple juice and our own quince juice as fruit base. We reduce
both down to around 50 °Brix
2. We then initiate alcoholic fermentation using some of “OEC”s wild yeast cultures.
3. Acetic oxidation via acetic acid bacteria is next which we cultivate in a 2002 wine barrel from South Africa that stores Iqhilika acidified dry mead {at a very high
acidity level}
4. This process takes place in a series of wooden barrels of different sizes and different wood types {such as Ash, Arcasia, Oak, and Juniper}
5. Every first week in March we follow the famous “Rincalzo aging process”. 10% volume of the smallest barrel [filled to 75% ] is removed. The next larger barrel is used to fill the smaller one back up to 75%. This process continues until we reach our largest barrel {50l }. This one is refilled from our “OEC” 250l storage barrel.

Thick, viscous, very dark reddish color, high aroma, and sweet-sour complexity.

Quince Vinegar – 375mL

Sometime in 2018 during the harvest of our quince fruits [quince belongs to the family of fruits that also consist of apples and pears], we decided to use them as our “vinegar base”.
So we picked them, froze them, “unfroze them” {this “thing” is called “cryo-maceration”}, pressed them to extract the fruit juice, inoculated the juice with “OEC”’s wild yeast culture and allowed it to ferment until it reached around 5 % alc/vol. We then added a bit of our own “mother vinegar acetobacter culture” to initiate the acidification process….in one simple word: To turn it into a very special vinegar!

Since 2019 it has been aging in “OEC” wooden barrels in one of our aging barns {We will show you next time you come to visit our place !}.  Whenever you place an order for it we will fill your bottle directly from these “OEC” aging barrels.


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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