Our Roasting Philosophy

If you aim to experience all the complex flavors and aromas trapped inside a coffee bean {ie the intrinsic flavors + aromas of our rare coffee beans as well the unique flavors + aromas created by our special refermentation & maturation process} the roasting itself becomes crucial: “The design of the roasting curve” {we are talking transfer of energy from “outside” the coffee bean into each coffee bean here!}.

For us the “holy grail” of coffee lies in a floral, fruity, juicy cup with a distinct vinous character {“a touch of tartness”}. As you can see it is quite the opposite to the classic “French Roast + Italian Espresso Roast” {Deeply roasted with lots of bitter, burnt + smoky notes} Crucial parameters to control this outcome are “weight loss”, “first crack” and “final temperature” {= temperature at which coffee beans are discharged from roaster} . We post these valuable infos for each roast on each bag.