Baladin Traditional Panettone


With Candied Orange Zests and Xyauyu Beer

A panettone made with beer, born from the cooperation between Massimo Albertengo – owner of Albertengo Panettoni – a lover of leavened doughs and yeast who has elevated panettone to a world-renowned art, and Teo Musso, a man with a profound knowledge of the small yet complex and interesting world of yeasts, which he uses with great ability to create all his beers.

After many experiments, they have developed two unique versions of panettone made with Xyauyù: a peculiar oxidized beer, whose taste is reminiscent of great passito wines. The simple addition of sultanas, candied orange zests and the icing made with almonds, hazelnuts, sugar and egg white make this a cake with inimitable fragrance, color and texture.

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Weight 36 oz