Glazed Baladin Panettone With Beermouth


The successful cooperation between Baladin and Albertengo continues. Massimo Albertengo was asked to think of a panettone that would bring out the amazing aromas of Beermouth, the vermouth made from Baladin beer. The result has gone above and beyond Teo’s expectations and has added a new taste experience to our range of Christmas sweets.

All the aromas of the 13 botanicals in the Beermouth recipe come out in a balanced and elegant manner. Xyauyù – the beer at the basis of this innovative spirit, and previously used in other versions of Baladin panettone – is a perfect ingredient for the soft, fragrant, and flavorful dough of our new Christmas cake.

The base recipe is that of traditional panettone, with natural sultanas, candied orange zest and an almond, hazelnut, sugar and egg white glaze.

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Weight 36 oz