Our New World of: “Bitters & Tinctures”

The desire of many our customers for extraordinary flavors and aromas took us way back in history. To the ancient world of Egypt thousands of years ago. The world of “complex bitters and tinctures”. Traditionally used as flavorful add-ons in cocktails {be they alcoholic, be they non-alcoholic} or simply added to sparkling water. Scratch that boundary and think in a completely different way: Drizzled over ice cream, a few drops over a perfectly prepared medium-rare steak, or used to marinate sous vide style . Endless ideas many of which can actually be traced back to the Renaissance {15th + 16th century}.

We only use unique spirits such as distilled Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier aged on its own smoke malt, Kiuchi Brewery’s No Shizuku, Domaine Dupont’s Esprit de Pomme, Uerige Eau-de-Vie

  • We only use fruits and herbs from our own orchard + greenhouses
  • We only allow gravity to fill our small bottles of bitter + tincture. No pressing of fruits or herbs. To reach the pinnacle of flavor and aroma intensity

60mL or 120mL bottles will be available

The correct new serving technique: via pipette!

Let all your customers experience the new world themselves