SEPT 15, 2022

A special “experimental anaerobic” edition by Hacienda La Papaya, Ecuador.

Oxygen-deprived fermentation environments have gained quite a following among “coffee geeks” as this method can add quite unique flavors and tanginess to the cup!

Roasted wild yeast coffee beans from Juan Pena’s Hacienda La Papaya, Ecuador South America

Experimental Anaerobic: Coffee cherries macerate for up to 10 days in oxygen-free sealed tanks, then dried in temperature controlled room

All naturally processed.

Fermented + matured with freshly picked blood oranges from our greenhouse

Fermented + matured with Domaine Dupont’s Pommeau/France

04/20/2022 – 9/7/2022: 140 days

Weight loss: 11.9%

Temp: 405.1F