New Roast – Dec 17, 2020

“A special holiday 2020 to remember”

Maybe one of the most revered coffee beans called “Gesha” or “Geisha”. Originally grown in the village of Gesha/Ethiopia with its new home in , mostly, Panama. Going back 16 years it caused an “earthquake” in the world of coffee connoisseurs when it won the “Best of Panama cupping competition” {One of the most prestigious international coffee bean competitions in the world}.

We paired it with freshly picked raspberries + a few strawberries from our orchard and a very special spirit from Japan: Kiuchi Brewery’s Umeshu {distilled Hitachino Nest White ale paired with Japanese plums}

  • Roasted wild yeast coffee beans “Gesha or Geisha” from Hacienda La Esmeralda, Panama
  • Fermented and matured with freshly picked raspberries from our orchard
  • Fermented and matured with Kiuchi Brewery’s Umeshu
  • Oct 7, 2020 – Dec 17, 2020: 71 days
  • Temp:  405.2F
  • Weight loss:  11.8%