• Wild yeast coffee beans from Ngorongoro Vohora Family Tanzania, East Africa
  • Unique processing method: Carbonic maceration
  • Fermented + matured with Birrificio Baladin Xyauyu Fume 2013
  • Fermented + matured with Minneola Tangelo citrus fruit from our citrus greenhouse
  • 4/15/2020 – 7/15/2020: 91 days
  • Weight loss: 11.7%
  • Temp: 404.2 F

A special green coffee bean from Tanzania /East Africa that were uniquely processed like the grapes in the famous “Beaujolais Nouveau” : Carbonic maceration.

Carbonic maceration In the world of wine: whole grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide rich environment prior to crushing.

Carbonic maceration in the world of green coffee beans: Coffee cherries are added to a large barrel filled with clean water. The barrel is sealed with a pressure release valve {CO2}. No new oxygen is allowed into the barrel.
The maceration proceeds at different rates in the layers of the barrel. After about 7 days the green coffee beans are ready to be dried

After arriving at our place we vacuum-sealed them for more rounds of fermentation + maturation….Using Birrificio Baladin’s Xyauyu Fume 2013 and Tangelo citrus fruits from our own citrus greenhouse.