From Yemen where coffee was first commercially cultivated . Its location on the Arabian Peninsula gave the “arabica species” its name.

As the country has been torn apart by civil war for many years it is almost a miracle that small farmers at the west coast of Yemen are still able to grow exceptional coffee beans in their community style gardens.

  • Roasted wild yeast coffee beans from Bura’a Yemen, Arabian Peninsula
  • All naturally processed.
  • Sun-dried on raised beds on rooftops [custom going back to the 15th century]
  • Fermented + matured with Kiuchi Brewery’s Awashizuku sparkling sake
  • Fermented + matured with Calamondins, Nagami Kumquats and Marumi Kumquats from our own citrus greenhouse
  • Days: 2/24/2020 – 5/26/2020: 92 days
  • Weight Loss: 11.5%
  • Temp: 405.2 F