First time ever that we worked with green coffee beans from China. From Yunnan, the most southwest province of China The green coffee beans are grown in the most southern part of Yunnan bordering Myanmar {Burma} and Laos. Yunnan is the most diverse province in all of China, both in its extraordinary mix of people and in the splendor of its mountainous landscapes…

Green coffee beans from Mountain Man Yunnan, China

  • All naturally processed , sundried on raised beds
  • Fermented + matured with “OEC” Artista Zynergia “Kriekenfluffle
  • Fermented + matured with red & yellow raspberries from our own orchard
  • Weight gain during this process: + 43%
  • 8/28/2018 to 12/21/2018 : 115 days
  • Temp: 406.4 F
  • Weight loss: 12.9%